Roland Kluger

Roland Kluger studied Camera at the University of applied science FH Salzburg from 2010 - 2013 where he was able to learn all possible knowledge about Camera technique Lightning and Filmmaking. Ever since that he is working as a freelancer in commercials, music videos, Film and Short films.


Cinematography is about how you see the world and capturing the beauty in it. I like to approach my work as if i see it with my own eyes and portait whatever i shoot in it´s natural appearance. When i use lights i don´t want anybody see and feel that there is any artificial lighting behind that scene. Wehen i have the chance to shoot a scene only with the power of the natural sun, i will do it because this is the key to natural and beautiful results. Sure, if a scene requires it, i would use all possible techniques of lightning as well but i will always try to make it look as natural as possible.

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